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Strategic Corporate Branding Through Social Media

Our Clients

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Corporate Video & Social Media

We create clean, concise and sophisticated content that represents the future of your companies' vision.

Video Production Workflow

We write, shoot, edit, color correct, mix audio and compose music to bring your ideas to life from concept to completion.



4K RED & Virtual Reality Cameras


FCPX / Adobe Premiere / After Effects


Distribution To Social Media

Virtual Reality

360 VR Video Production

Let us help you develop your companies' future of marketing and branding through Virtual Reality.

Immerse Yourself

20000 Music Tracks

Soul Studio 360 Music Library

10,000 Stock Photos

Soul Studio 360 Photography

300 Videos Produced

Since 2005

1000 Client Projects

Completed Since 1996

Creativity Simplified.

Our Services

We execute projects from concept to completion

At Soul Studio 7, we believe creativity is best achieved through a synergistic approach of creating simplified workflows that cover all aspects of the video production process. We are a one-stop shop that offers the following services:


  • 4K Video Aquisition
  • Editing & Color Correction
  • Location Sound & Audio Mix
  • Music Score & Sound Design
  • Motion Graphics & After Effects
  • Video Optimization for Social Media


  • Graphic Design & Logo Branding
  • Photoshop Digital Retouching 
  • Social Media, Portrait and Commercial Product Photography


  • Web Design & Wordpress Solutions
  • Stock Web Photo Library
  • Stock Web Design Library
  • Stock Web Music Library

We have 20 years experience in both the corporate world and the entertainment industry working on major campaigns for national brands, hit films and television shows with massive international success.

By producing videos, designing key art, and creating your visual style, we aim to brand your products, projects and properties with a modern sophisticated look that is future forward for social media marketing.

Soul Studio 7

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